Serina Timperio

Serina Timperio (b. 1995, Windsor, ON) is a multi-disciplinary artist primarily working in mixed media including sculpture, oil painting, printmaking, and photography. She is a Bachelor of Fine Arts Honours candidate at Queen’s University, with a minor in Art History. Serina has volunteered as a docent and worked as an educator at the Agnes Etherington Art Centre. She partook in the archaeological excavation in Cerveteri, Italy and spent the last summer interning at the National Gallery of Canada.

Serina’s artwork is themed around struggles and obstacles that individuals have overcome and those obstacles’ impact on the individual, those around them, and future generations. Her work revolves around her interest in human bodies, both healthy and ill, and the phases of illness and recovery. Having undergone a craniotomy in the past year, Serina plans to document her steps of healing through art, creative expression, and environmental influences. Serina’s thesis seeks to raise awareness of brain injuries and the importance of community support in regaining independence, and ultimately help in raising funds for a cure.


Past Work: