Jordan Thompson

Jordan Thompson (b. 1995 Ottawa, Ontario) is a BFA candidate at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario. He works primarily in printmaking and painting. Thompson has been training as an artist from a young age, through working in the art shop in his home town and taking both extracurricular art classes and those provided by the high schools that he attended. In 2010, he participated in All Saints High School Specialist High Skills Major for Fine Art. Thompson’s work considers themes of the Other — whether that Other is based in race, gender, mental health, or sexual orientation — and the concept of feeling alien on one’s home planet. This concept is fuelled by his own lived experiences and his love of research. His work in research greatly influences the symbols and images that appear in his work. His work has been exhibited in Print Pulse 30: Travelling Exhibition, the Union Gallery’s Cezanne’s Closet in 2015 and 2016, as well as the Union’s Vitrine in 2017, and has also been featured in Queen’s University’s Undergrad Review in 2016.

Email: 14jt27@queensu.ca

Past Work: