Eliane Findley

Eliane Findley (b. 1996 Toronto, Ontario) is a multi-disciplinary artist working primarily in painting, drawing and printmaking with a focus on works in oil. Findley is currently pursuing a BFA (psychology minor) at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario. Born from a family of artists, early in her education visual art became her greatest avenue of emotional expression. Greatly informed by her psychological studies, Findley's work incorporates visual representations of psychological and dream states, as well as looking critically at social constructs. Her work has been exhibited in Ontario Hall (Queen's University) and the Cezanne's Closet fundraising event as well as many smaller private venues.  Eliane is currently exploring new techniques in painting and installation work to further her practice, and resides in Kingston, Ontario. 

Email: 13emax@queensu.ca

Past Work: